The information presented on the Diplomacy360 platform – https://diplomacy360.com here inafter referred to as the “Platform”, is provided / listed either by the Romanian Business Exchange SA ( in Romanian language Bursa Romana de Afaceri SA), or by users of the Platform or by various collaborators, out of the desire to put available to interested parties data and information of interest, including proposals for the sale and / or purchase of business products or services, business proposals, associations and financing, mergers and acquisitions (m & a), identification of business partners in the country or abroad, finding of investors for business etc.

The information in the Platform does not have the value of a firm request or offer, professional or legal advice, and is not a substitute for audit services or business consulting, legal, financial assistance or other professional business services or technical assessments that you must do before to comply with any business proposal listed. If you are interested in professional services other than promotion, we recommend that you contract our specialized services. Any party interested in the proposals in the Platform assumes that it will carry out at its own expense the checks and evaluations necessary to substantiate the decision and will hire its experts before buying, investing or selling.

THE ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE does not assume any responsibility or legal obligation regarding the data and information and articles published on the Platform. Users or collaborators who publish materials on the site, or list business proposals, images or other information on the Platform, assume full legal responsibility that they have this legal right obtained from the entity on whose behalf they do this and hold the copyright for which publishes. THE ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE may request users to prove this right.

Given the technological factors, the ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE does not guarantee or guarantee that the Platform will not have interruptions, delays, errors, omissions or viruses meaning that data, information, listings, articles are provided without warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to the accuracy, timeliness and / or completeness of the information provided.

THE ROMANIAN BUSINESS SCHOLARSHIP , assumes no responsibility for the loss of use, data or profits), regardless of the form of the respective action, including but not limited to contractual actions, negligence or tortious acts arising out of or in connection with the Platform, any content on the Platform or accessed through the use of the Platform, or from its copying, posting or other non-commercial use. People who feel harmed in any way by any of the ads or content on the Platform, will prove that they are harmed, and must prove their rights or justify their request, and may request the deletion of the ad on this basis. respectively – in case they can’t do it directly. THE ROMANIAN BUSINESS STOCK EXCHANGE will analyze the requests and will solve them in a reasonable time.

Some information published on the Platform may sometimes refer to other internal and / or external web-sites, these links being provided by diplomacy360.com as a facility for our users and have a strictly informative purpose. THE ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE does not control and is not responsible for any of these web-sites or for their content and cannot guarantee in any way that these links will not change over time. In order to protect its reputation and trademarks, the ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE reserves the right to request at any time the removal of any link from or to the Platform. Also, the Romanian Business Exchange may delete and / or not publish on the Platform the contact data of those who have listed the requests / business opportunities.

As any proprietary content on the Diplomacy360 Platform is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, any unauthorized use by others of any listings / personal data / information of any kind on the Platform may lead to infringement of copyrights, trademarks, legislation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data or other laws in force.

If a user downloads materials from the Diplomacy360 Platform for his or her personal use or non-commercial use, the user must retain the Diplomacy360 logo and our contact details and all copyright, trademark and other similar texts on the original materials or any copies of these materials. The materials on the Platform may not be modified, reproduced, publicly displayed, distributed or used for public or commercial purposes without the prior express written permission of the ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE.

THE ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE does not assume any risk, responsibility or obligation in case a user does not obtain such explicit prior written permission from us.

Diplomacy360 and the logo of Diplomacy360 are registered trademarks. The use of these marks requires the prior express permission of the ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE. Unauthorized use of them and any other trademarks in the portfolio of the ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE will be punished according to the laws of Romania and the EU.

Links to or from the Site are expressly prohibited without the written consent of the owner of the site or which involves the unauthorized use of the logo of the Diplomacy360 and / or infringes the visual identity, trademarks and copyrights.

ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE reserves the right to select the materials, data and information presented in the Platform and to refuse the publication of the received materials, reserves the right to publish the materials in the form and with the desired content, to modify, add links, replace and / or delete any content on the Platform and may restrict users’ access to the Platform or suspend the activity and / or distribution of data flows to and from the Platform at any time and in its sole discretion, without notice.

Diplomacy360 does not guarantee to any user who shows interest in any of the listings in the Platform, that the owner of the listing will answer back. It is everyone’s decision to answer messages or phone calls as appropriate. In order to increase the response rate, we recommend that users, in the message of interest, provide the necessary details in a serious and professional manner, so that the other user has reasons to respond. Messages like “I’m interested” or “I want more details” – unaccompanied by a description of interest, are usually not taken seriously as they are quite general.

It is the sole responsibility of the listing owners to manage, update and delete them if they are no longer valid.

Users are solely responsible for the information they provide, in their professional / business profiles, the messages they send through the Platform or in the requests / requests for details they make through it. The Romanian Business Exchange has no obligation to verify these aspects.


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Our services / products will be delivered at the time it was announced by us in the advertisment. Tickets and invoices are issued in max 5 days from the payment confirmation.


In case that by our fault the service / product could not be delivered, the customer will get a full refund in max 30 days from the date it was requested. Such requests shall be sent at the email address [email protected] with the indication of the service / product not delivered by our fault.

Refund requests that are not caused by our fault in delivery our services / products will not be honoured.




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