Diplomacy360© Program aims to provide visionary leaders with kind of tools and methods they need to succeed in the 21st Century.

Diplomacy360 is an International Program & Collaborative Platform that enlighten the links between Diplomacy and other domains & global topics that can be better addressed by all countries’ cooperation.

We just name below few of the Diplomacy360’s wings:

Business Diplomacy

Cultural Diplomacy

Sport Diplomacy

Climate Diplomacy

Public Diplomacy

Media & Journalism Diplomacy

Digital Diplomacy

Cyber Diplomacy

Citizen Diplomacy

By understanding the complexity of the links between all the above concepts, we want to stimulate an open dialog and collaboration between different leaders worldwide.

We strongly believe that dialogue and cooperation between informed international leaders acting on a good faith, is on mutual benefit and will contribute to the development of a better and peaceful world where the societies will have a sustainable growth based on their resources exploited on a collaborative way.

Diplomacy plays an important role and has plenty of resources and know-how in dealing with global aspects.  Diplomacy360, as a public communication and action platform, applies the mutual beneficial decisions in different sectors.

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