“In the 21st century, every business executive is a diplomat or they are outside the debate.” Shaun Riordan

How it all started…

The Business Diplomacy program started in 2014 through a series of workshops and conferences initiated by the Romanian Business Exchange aiming at understanding the need to use diplomatic techniques and strategies in the Business environment.

What we have done since 2015…

  • Five international conferences organized in Romania;

  • Two workshops;

  • Strategic networking;

  • Business catalogs promoting the export offers and investment proposals;

  • Trade missions abroad and market-entry support for foreign companies;

  • International business matchmaking sessions;

  • Multiple press interviews;

  • Participation as speakers at different international conferences in Romania and abroad.

What we do now…


Business Diplomacy Conferences are taking place in a context where business paradigms are changing rapidly, being sensitively influenced by geo-political, technological and economic factors that are not just about the national element, and business decision-makers need to find new methods and techniques for succeed.


The Business Diplomacy program aims to organize, besides conferences and workshops, a series of training modules to strengthen the internal capacity of companies to cope with external challenges to the organization and develop skills specific to problem-solving diplomacy and business performance improvement acquis.

Business Diplomacy Training Modules can be tailored to the business and needs of companies, with personalized modules being developed within them.

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