“Culture has become one of the last elements of our identity. We have to act in favor of cultural diversity abroad as well as at home, we need strong cultural diplomacy but we have to create it.” – Frédéric Martel (French writer, researcher and journalist)

Hélène ROOS speaking about Cultural Diplomacy at the International Conference Diplomacy360  2018 – Bucharest, Romania






Video cu Helene ROOS de la Conferinta din 2018





“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” – Sjaak PAPPE – Hofstede Insights.

Ioan Holender speaking about Cultural Diplomacy at the International Conference  Diplomacy360 2018

– Bucharest, Romania

What are the envisaged activities:

  • Club Talks and Strategic Networking

  • Training for: Members of the Parliament, Diplomats and other officials, Business leaders

  • Conferences and Workshops

  • Advisory for City Councils to design their development strategies

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