Sport is a universal communication that diplomats often use to build or re-open bridges between nations.

Sports events can enhance diplomacy, trust, and change the public opinion in ways in which the political environment can influence, with surprising results.

The link between sport and diplomacy has been proven over the years through a series of events.

The Olympics have shown in the past how the world of sport gathered in the same place East and West. Sport is used as a key to open closed gates and why not slam the door into someone face, as the case may be.

In any case, sport reflects and involves a large credit of goodwill among nations, and the best example of bringing two nations closer is “Ping-Pong Diplomacy”, the best-known example of sports that made President Nixon make a visit to China, resulting in months of quiet diplomacy.

The best example that brought two nations closer is “Ping-Pong diplomacy“, the best known example of sports that made President Nixon make a visit to China, resulting months of quiet and settlement.
As they have called it, “Ping-Pong diplomacy” has been a minor but interesting proof from the Chinese interest in a relationship with the United States.

Could attending in a sports event of such importance be a re-launch of countries in diplomatic games?

The Winter Olympics (2018 edition) began with the official slogan “Passion. Connected.” But South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, hoping North Korea’s participation will open the way to reconciliation and the desire to open a gateway to new talks and negotiations, called the sporting event ”The Olympics of Reconciliation”.

The Winter Olympics has been an important opportunity for North Korea and South Korea on the world stage. Kim is the first North Korea president that crossed the military demarcation line that separates the two countries, in the last 65 years, from the end of the war between the two countries. Also, the handshake of the two presidents on 27th of April this year is a historic moment.

The historic meeting between President Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in illustrates the diplomatic thaw that occurred between the two countries, and even the end of the nuclear war, which began at the announcement of participation in the Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics have been an important opportunity for North Korea and South Korea on the world stage.

Is the World Cup an Occasion for foreign leaders to meet?

Hosting the World Cup is a unique opportunity for a country to gain a soft power bounce. It offers a chance to show off your culture, people, and infrastructure, and your team becomes a sentimental favourite.

“Sport diplomacy is now an integral part of the wider “soft power” paradigm utilized by countries to promote their own appeal. Sports competitions help to expand international contacts and friendly ties.” Russian International Affairs Council.

We invite all heads of states and governments and we expect them to be widely present there” Lavrov noted. “We want to wish success to all who are taking part in the championship.”

What will be next in Sports Events?

For the first time the World Football Championship will be held in three countries in 2026: United States, Canada and Mexico.

As we have been accustomed to the US President, he naturally made sure to politicise the process of of winning the hosting of World Football Championship. He mentioned and promised that some of his most restrictive immigration policies would be better and relaxed during the games, especially for players and fans.

For the 2026 contest US, Mexico, and Canada went up against Morocco.

The biggest problem before the vote was regarding US`s visa policies, that could be too restrictive.

The 2026 World Cup will be larger than all World Cup Events. It will have 48 teams, up from the current 32, and entail 16 host cities. Mexico and Canada will host 10 games each, and the US will host the other 60.

The name of the event is UNITED 2026. Will these three countries cooperate better till 2026? Especially United States and Mexico? What will be changed in terms of security and relationships?

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