Sport is an universal communication tool often used to build or re-open bridges between nations and support the implementation of the foreign policy.

Sport events can enhance diplomacy, trust, and change the public opinion in ways in which the political environment can influence, with surprising results.

Mihai Covaliu – COR Conference 2018 Sport Diplomacy Diplomacy360 – Bucharest, Romania

Top priorities of the Sports Diplomacy:

  1. Promoting main touristic areas of the country, and making different regions very attractive in order to host in the future other major international events;

  2. Pointing out the host country’s expertise in the areas of:

    – training and education;

    – sport for health as well as a spirit for the development of the civil society.

  3. Promoting specific projects that are important for citizens;

  4. Promoting the businesses and expertise in the sports sector and strengthen their position on international markets;

  5. Encouraging the use of sporting events, especially the Olympics, in collaboration with different International Organisations.

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