WORKSHOP – The Geopolitics of Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) / 19th of March 2024 – Bucharest, ROMANIA

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Join our exclusive one-day workshop for senior executives, government officials, and banking leaders, exploring the intersection of Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) and geopolitics. Led by renowned expert Shaun Riordan, the workshop covers:

  1. The Geopolitics of EDTs:
    • Examine geopolitics and vulnerabilities of EDTs, including AI and cyberspace.
    • Understand government manipulation and anticipate future trends.
  2. Companies as Geopolitical Actors:
    • Uncover how major tech companies unintentionally become geopolitical players.
    • Analyze their role in conflicts and the weaponization of tools.
  3. Techplomacy:
    • Decode implications for companies and their operations.
    • Learn effective engagement with governments and navigate debates on regulation.
  4. Practical Exercise:
    • Engage in a tailored practical exercise focusing on Techplomacy strategies.


Workshop Director: Shaun Riordan, Director of Diplomacy and Cyberspace, brings extensive diplomatic experience and insights into the geopolitics of EDTs.

Limited spots available. Secure your seat now for actionable strategies in navigating the EDT geopolitical landscape.


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